Why choose an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps are one of the most effective ways to heat and warm up your homes, especially in the winters. Do not struggle with your fireplaces or electric heaters which give you sky-high electricity bills, as Air Source Heat Pumps are there for you. These next-gen heating devices have many benefits over the traditional ones, which will surely convince you to replace your old heaters as soon as possible.

Help with heating and cooling

Heat pumps will help regulate the heat in your home during summer and winter. It doesn’t matter how high or low the temperatures are, this system will give you a solution. A great thing with this system is that you don’t have to install a cooling and a heating system, nope. You only install one and it serves both purposes; when it is hot in your home, then it will help in cooling the temperatures, if it’s cold, then it will heat the rooms.

Save on heating costs

Imagine the amount of money you’ve been spending on gas or oil for your conventional heating system. With an air source heat pump system, such costs are reduced significantly. You will only spend a little on electricity and then you’ve you have enough energy generated for heating your home. Air Source Heat Pumps are 300% energy efficient. Which means that if they consume 1kWh of electricity, they give out 3kWh of heat. With traditional water filled radiators fitted in them to generate heat, the entire system achieves a lot of savings on running costs, when compared to Solid fuel or electricity operated heaters.

Generate income for 7 years

You can benefit yourself with a lot of government incentives if you install the Air Source Heat Pumps. The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government scheme designed to promote energy efficient devices and increase the use of renewable energy. With this scheme, people who have such devices installed in their home and join in will receive quarterly payments for seven years. This will be according to the amount of renewable heat their system produces. With this scheme, many people have joined the clan and received payments from the government.

Control your homes emissions

CO2 Emissions are one of the most harmful side effects of old heat pumps. These emissions are on a very high level, which causes major harm to the environment by triggering global warming and climatic changes. It can even affect the health of inhabitants in the house. So, the harmful consequences of using devices emitting CO2 should not be ignored. 

The conventional heating systems which use wood, gas, oil and such are usually a health hazard. When combusted, they release to your home carbon monoxide which is a dangerous gas to your health. With Air source heat pump systems, no combustions and therefore the air inside the house and within is clean.

Low cost of maintenance

Unlike conventional heating systems, the air source heating system does not require regular maintenance and there are fewer instances of replacements. This means that you send less money in repairs and maintenance.

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