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Solar PV Panels are one of the most energy-efficient alternatives to other modes of obtaining electricity. With electricity costs rocketing day by day, it is time to switch to a cheaper alternative, one of which is solar energy. Another major benefit of installing solar panels in your homes is that you are contributing to reducing the carbon footprint. Individual responsibility towards this cause has become really important, considering the current environmental crisis.


Solar Photovoltaics is the process of generating electricity using solar energy. Solar panels with modern designs can produce electricity from daylight, without requiring direct sunlight, though more energy can be produced on sunny days.


Solar Panel Installation in Glasgow, Scotland


Get best quality solar PV panels installed from us and makes available some of the most phenomenal benefits which will improve your homes and lifestyle as a whole. Read below to know more about the way solar panels work. We supply and fit them on the roof and windows of your home or property and even in Scotland’s poor climate panels can generate energy from any form of daylight meaning they can still produce energy daily.


The Sun’s energy is converted to DC voltage by PV panels and the inverter again converts the DC voltage to AC voltage, which can be used further. The generation meter records electricity production, and the unused electricity can be returned back to the national grid.


One of the best options to utilize renewable energy like solar power and convert it into electricity is installing Solar PV panels on your roofs. Accredited to the Solar PV Installers in Scotland, we are a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC). We have an approval to allow customers to access the feed-in tariff scheme from the Government for 20 years. This is a scheme where the government offers returns for those who invest in solar energy and other green energy alternatives.


Enough sunlight is obtained throughout the day on most days of the year to meet daily electricity requirements. So, by installing these panels, you will be making your contribution towards protecting the environment and conserving non-renewable energy sources. You can use this green energy form for your home as well as business infrastructures.


Here are some reasons why you should opt for installing Solar PV Panels through our company.


Solar Panel Repairs in Glasgow, Scotland


Solar power has been around for over 100 years with the solar cell first being invented in 1941. This technology was later improved with the introduction of the first solar transistor which you will have used at some point in your life if you have used a calculator, most calculators are solar powered from a small panel which operates the screen and battery that does the sums, pretty clever right? Due to solar panels developing not long after and now in 2018 being a very common addition to many homes in Scotland already demand solar panel repairs is really high. Given that Glasgow is home to some really old architecture with many different types of pitched and flat roofs, as well as being home to many large factories and industrial estates. To really grasp how popular solar panels are in your area a quick glance about whilst out walking in Glasgow and looking at houses as you pass will clarify just how popular an option they really are.


With so many homes already having solar panels, repair work has become the core of our business. We often repair solar panels that we didn’t fit ourselves given we are fully approved MCS and NAPIT installers we are able to work with all solar panels in the market today, meaning if you need a repair we can help.


Depending on the damage we may offer payments over 12 months interest-free at 0% or buy now pay later for any repairs that involve damage or non-optimal performance issues to more than one panel.

Approved MCS & NAPIT Installers

Approved MCS & NAPIT Installers

Bird Proofing Solar Panels in Glasgow & Scotland


Although it may sound off to someone reading it for the first time birds often nest in or near the area some of your solar panels have been installed. Over time this can cause problems for bird and panel alike, we have often had to work on jobs with bird and pest control who helped the birds relocate and actually improved their living conditions as it’s not exactly safe for the bird and their nest either. We have picked up a lot of new customers adding bird proofing to solar panels, however, anyone who had an installation from Pure Eco Solutions Ltd in the first place would normally having the bird proofing in place already. This type of job is often a mixture of repairing the panel until it’s in full working order or simply applying the bird proof protection you need.

Solar Panel Repairs in Glasgow

Solar Panels From Pure Eco Solutions Ltd

Reduction in electricity bills


Once you invest in the installation of Solar PV panels, you will be free from taking the financial burdens of paying heavy electricity bills every month. Solar energy is free and so, you will be able to use as much electricity as you want, without worrying about the hefty bills.


20 year income


Once you start using this energy efficient alternative for producing electricity, you will receive a 20 year income from the government, which is tax-free and index-linked. This is given by the government in order to promote usage of solar energy.


Reduction in CO2 Emissions


CO2 emissions due to home appliances and energy production are one of the most hazardous problems which affect the environment. With switching to using solar panels for production of household energy like electricity, you will be able to phenomenally reduce the CO2 emissions.


Low Maintenance


Solar Panels have to be installed in a fixed place and contain no moving parts. They are self-cleaning and free from all sorts of maintenance. These panels come with a manufacturer guarantee of 10 years. So once you install them, you need not worry about taking care of anything else. The first silicon-based PV panels were installed in the 1960s, and some of them still work effectively even today.


So, there are striking monetary as well as environmental benefits of using solar panels. If you want to make your home energy efficient and get amazing returns from the government, call us today and book your property survey.


Low costs


Assuming that solar panels are very expensive just because their purchasing price is high would be completely illogical. With rising electricity costs and high bills, we all need an affordable option for daily electricity needs. When you calculate the lifelong costs associated with solar panels, you will realize that it actually becomes cheaper to have a Solar PV Panels.


Government Returns


Most people install solar panels for this reason. The Government’s ‘Feed in Tariff’ scheme offers payment for each kWh of electricity you generate from solar power. The payment is locked and guaranteed for 20 years from the date of your installation. You can also receive an additional payment from your energy supplier for every unit of electricity you export back. This can be done if you overproduce electricity which you do not use.


Quality service and easy installation


We provide all our customers with a quality service with respect to purchase, registration and installation. We have a team of staff who are qualified Solar PV engineers that provide quality and hassle-free installations at homes as well as commercial spaces. We offer free design services for solar PV as well.


For more information and free survey of your property, get in touch with us and switch to a sustainable lifestyle.




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