Replace Old Storage Heaters

We specialise in upgrading old inefficient heating systems

Replace Old Storage Heaters

Pure Eco Solutions specialise in the removal of old inefficient storage heaters and upgrading them with modern cost saving electric systems. There are countless reasons why you should upgrade your heating if you have storage heaters, the main one being cost and how inefficient they are but we have outlined the key points below. If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to get in touch.

We have just been approved to offer a range of exciting finance options that will help to make sure our customers get to choose the exact system they need to suit their circumstances whilst being able to pay for it in payment terms that will fit their affordability. 

We will be offering BNPL, 0% Finance and a range of other payment terms relevant to the applicants credit profile, if you are interested in finding out how to split your payments get in touch and we can talk you through your options.


What Are Storage Heaters?
Storage heaters are a form of electric heating system traditionally used in off-gas areas, they first became popular in the 1950s and there are still hundreds of thousands of homes using them today unaware that they are a problem. They are big and clunky in design, filled with clay bricks which are designed to absorb heating when turned on and distribute it to the home over a longer period of time.
How Do They Work?
Storage heaters work using a special electricity tariff called economy7 which is a two-rate tariff, the electricity is charged at a more expensive rate during the day than it is the night. People with storage heaters turn them on during the night to charge the clay bricks and then turn them off in the morning when the electricity becomes more expensive again. The plan behind this is the storage heaters then heat the house during the day.
Is Economy 7 Being Phased Out?
Unless you already have a two-rate meter you may find it difficult to find a supplier that would install one for you, or offer you an economy7 tariff. Many suppliers now use economy10 tariffs using a special meter which provides 3 low-cost time zones throughout the day. This is great and offers slightly more flexibility however outwith these times electricity can be very expensive so you need to be very mindful about how you use them.
Barry came out to see me on the Friday and install took place the following Wednesday excellent service. Barry the electrician did a great job of the install really great workmanship. Removed all old storage heaters and left the place spotless. Really happy with the new heaters. A big thank you to all the team!!! Hassle free 10/10 Verified Checkatrade Review

10 Reasons Your Storage Heaters Need To Go
  • They Are Big, Not Great For Small Spaces
  • The Aren’t Good Looking (Many people box them in so they don’t need to look at them)
  • Can Let Off Bad Smells
  • Known To Aggrevate Asthma Sufferers
  • No Flexibility (on or off)
  • You Aren’t A Psychic (How can you know if you will need your heating the following day)
  • What happens if your storage heaters run out of heat (you best get a blanket or jumper on)
  • Not Energy Efficient
  • Despite Economy7 many people complain of massive bills
  • Poor Choice Of Energy Deals
Are Storage Heaters Always bad?
We would say that there is absolutely no place for traditional storage heaters as there are too many things wrong with them. If you are determined you want storage heaters we would suggest getting high retention storage heaters which are a modern equivalent, however, we think the best electric solution is electric smart heaters.
Will I Save Money If I Switch From Storage Heaters
It all depends on your own unique consumption but we have had customers save between 30-50% off their bill vs old storage heaters.
Will you dispose of my old storage heaters?
Of course, as part of our service we will send a qualified electrician to install your new system, we will disconnect your storage heaters and dispose of them responsibly.
How Long Will You Take To Install My New Heating?
This will vary depending on the time of year, across most of the year we can have your new heating system installed within 7-10 days, however during the colder months we get exceptionally busy and you may need to wait longer than this. If you are thinking of replacing your heating it is better to do it during a quieter time so you aren’t waiting until you are reliant on needing to use your heating. Once we start, we are usually finished in one day of installation.
Do you have any offers?
We run a promotion most months of the year, for the most up to date information give us a call. 
How Controllable Are These Heaters?
Hopefully by now after what you have read you will get the picture that storage heaters aren’t a great solution for keeping your house warm in 2021. 

The key points around why they aren’t controllable.


  • confined to use around economy7 times otherwise have large bills.
  • hard to program.
  • once the heat runs out, they require a long time to heat up again.
  • they don’t suit how most people live (unless you are a pensioner or someone who spends most of the time at home, heating your home during the day won’t suit you)

what do you suggest?

When upgrading your heating in an off-gas area there are many different options to choose from ranging from biomass, oil, heat pumps and electric smart heating. As a business, we have chosen to specialise in modern British & German smart heating systems as we believe they are the best solution in the majority of cases. If you would like a free quote to remove your storage heaters and replace them with something more efficient we would love to offer a free home survey and to talk you through your options.

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