Reasons to replace your old electric storage heaters:

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    Storage Heater Replacement in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Central Scotland

    Pure Eco Solutions Scotland Limited have a huge range of options for replacing your old electric storage heaters, with the very latest technology available in the UK’s electric heating industry supplied and fitted all year round.

    Replace old storage heaters | Modern electric heating options

    “I had my old storage heating removed and replaced with electric radiators by Pure Eco Solutions.
    Everything went very smoothly from start to finish.
    Darren and Liam were friendly, helpful, professional. clean and tidy – could not ask for more.
    The customer service from David was excellent.
    Very happy with the work.”

    Mrs Thornton, 5* & 10/10 Checkatrade Review

    Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, "Very happy with work carried out by Pure Eco Solutions"

    Why replace old electric storage heaters?

    Electric storage heaters were once the “go-to” option if your home uses electric fuel to heat your home. During the 1970’s and 1980’s almost every home built in the UK that was off the main gas grid was almost certain to have at least considered the possibility of having electric storage heaters installed with the majority going ahead with the installation. Back then the science of the day was on the favour of storage heaters as if they were (and still are) used correctly they can be an highly efficient lower cost option to heating your home via electric heating. However this is all best case scenario and in the majority of cases most of which we get to witness firsthand they tend to be inefficient in relation running costs, heating a surface area quickly and being generally reliable if you are suddenly feeling the cold.

    As a specialist electric heating company the majority of our work is replacing old storage heaters with more efficient modern alternatives. Some of the main reasons people which to have their electric storage heaters replace are:

    High electricity bills

    Again we must stress in some of the more rare cases where electric storage heaters are installed correctly and the homeowners are given a clear explanation of how best to use them they can work very efficiently are reduce your homes energy bills. Unfortunately more often than not the performance of storage heaters is hindered by poor installation or the owners not using them in the most optimum way. Many of the people we visit complain of paying large amounts of money on their electricity bills and still not being able to properly heat their homes in a quick and satisfactory manner.

    High emissions  

    The older your storage heaters are the higher the risk that they are producing bad emissions in your home and the surrounding environment. Popular complaints include reports of asbestos, carbon monoxide, suit, charcoal and “black dust” which all can have a negative effect on you and your families health and in some cases it can even be fatal. Issues can range from a general bad smell causing people to feel sick in the surrounding area of the storage heater to it flaring up people asthma and in some more serious cases causing major illness or death. Old storage heaters are genuine health risk and if you suspect their any issues with the one’s installed in your home you should contact professionals right away to survey your homes electric heating.

    Unattractive & difficult to clean

    Another common and less urgent issue that people report with old storage heaters is that they are an eyesore and gather lots of dust and suit which can negatively effect the aesthetics and decor of peoples homes especially in the lounge and more visible areas of the property. Cleaning old storage heaters is thankless task, you can literally find yourself cleaning them and upon inspection the very same day finding dust and other suit. Some makes and models are worse than others with some of the older storage heaters from the 70’s and 80’s will harbour the dust and then disperse it when switched on which has a far more noticeable negative effect on your breathing, general health and well being.

    No or lack of control

    Controlling your home temperature with storage heaters is easy enough if you know how and your heaters are installed correctly. Homeowners who contact us often tell us that their storage heaters were already in the property when they moved in and they have no had any instructions on how best to use them. Even if you are following the instructions word for word the standard of the installation and the hassle of only being able to use them at certain times of the day during off-peak tariff times is not compatible with modern day life.

    Taking up to much space

    Simply put electric storage heaters are generally bulky and take up far to much space both were they are positioned or wall mounted and the wires and plugs that come with them. Removing you old storage heaters and replacing them with modern electric heaters which come in different designs including slimline models will create much more space around your home. The fact that new electric heaters are smaller and not restricted in terms of where you can install them in your home provides you with so much more freedom especially if you are trying to have a more minimalist look. If you are considering moving your storage heaters as an alternative to having them replace you will quickly realise just how heavy and bulky they are meaning the whole process is not as simple as it may seem.

    Faults and constant maintenance

    The theory for electric storage heaters being an effective and efficient method for heating your home is all completely sound, if they are installed and used correctly and don’t have any faults or issues which effect their performance. However theory aside, in real life situations things can and will work out differently to what’s written down in a user manual! People often complain that storage heaters take far to long to heat their rooms and often when they do achieve the desired temperature the room can quickly become stuffy meaning you can end up turning them on and off several times over a short period of time. It’s also very common that storage heaters simply won’t maintain their heat as they should do often due to faults with the elements inside the heater or issues with the output dial being left open meaning the small panel at the top of the heater is open losing any heat that should be stored. Repairing and maintaining storage heaters with these types of faults can easily end up a constant ongoing saga, taking up a lot of time and energy and in some cases ends up a complete false economy from having them replaced with new ones.

    Are storage heaters on their way out?

    This is a popular topic for discussion in the electric heating industry today, and given our list of issues above it’s pretty easy to see why.

    Benefits of new electric heaters and radiators

    Now we have pretty much disembowelled the good old electric storage heater! Let us explain some of the main benefits to replacing them with modern electric heaters and radiators.

    Very polite and tidy workman job done in very quick time and full instructions of new system gone through before engineer left. I Have every confidence in the new system since it was clearly explained.

    Mr MacPake, 5* & 9.75/10 Checkatrade Review

    Edinburgh, Scotland, "New Electric Boiler Fitted."

    More efficient with lower costs

    The word “efficient” is pretty ambiguous when it comes to electric heaters and radiators, as you can quite easily argue a case for high levels of efficiency for almost every electric heater and radiator available. It is far more accurate to consider the capabilities and mechanics of a unit which means you then know if it’s completely “efficient” and working to its optimum performance that you will be purchasing high-quality heaters and radiators for your home.

    100% renewable

    Electricity is a clean fuel which on its own is 100% renewable the only flaw in this statement is when you consider the other fuels required to power the electric turbines that produce more of the energy. Still, it is far more economically friendly to use electricity and the materials used to manufacture the equipment are no different. Take an electric cylinder for example, these are created using stainless steel and other materials that will stand the test of time and can be recycled and re-used to create other equipment in the future.

    If you are conscious of your carbon footprint and are looking for a more Eco-friendly option for your homes heating if you decide to replace old storage heaters with modern electric heaters you can be sure they will be using less energy and the parts used to assemble them are far kinder to the environment.

    WiFi controls

    Most modern electric heaters and radiators are wireless and many of them come with the option to control them on your WiFi with a trendy user-friendly WiFi control panel. To some people, this may sound off-putting if they are not good with technology or have had bad experiences with other WiFi controlled devices. Please be assured there is no need for concern when using the WiFi controls that come with our electric heaters, we are always happy to showcase the controls before you purchase them and along with the user manual, we will provide demonstrations and instructions for you before your installation is signed off as completed. The controls can be used as a simple on / off switch or you if you like you can control the temperature of your home using them. If you are adamant that you do not want WiFi controls then there are more standard contemporary control options available to you.

    No maintenance costs

    If your storage heaters begin to breakdown or not work to their full capacity you will soon realise what a time-consuming nuisance this can be. If you have had to contact electricians or electric heating engineers this will also have a cost implication which depending on the issue and frequency of the fault can often make repairing your storage heaters a false economy to the cost of having them replaced. 

    Given they are of good quality and installed correctly modern electric heaters will operate smoothly for many years, with many of them coming with manufacturers warranties of up to 30 years. 

    Modern designs

    With the technology and equipment available today electric heaters are as high quality and long lasting as they ever been. With more and more competition in the electric heating industry, this has created lots of innovation with lots of new stylish designs that reflect some of the amazing technology available in the world today. 

    Extra space

    When you are having other heating installed such as gas central heating you are restricted with where you can have it located in your home and with the standard bulky designs, pipes and other parts. You also have to consider wither you are going to have the flue running through your wall or roof. The whole process is rather messy and ruins the look of your living space. Old clunky boxed boilers with pipes running through them to your radiators throughout the house and are not very attractive and can take up lots of space. 

    If you decide to have electric heating equipment installed you can, for the most part, have it placed wherever you prefer. Electric boilers, radiators and hot water cylinders have more compact slim designs which are far less of an eyesore and can be easily hidden from plain sight. There are dozens of different designs including wall mounted, slimline, lightweight and vertical heaters that will provide you with that extra space desired.

    German engineered

    ‘German engineered’ is a term that generally makes people step back and take noticed wither its cars, aircraft’s, engines or other industrial driven products the Germans are always creating superior quality products and industry.  

    Electric heaters and radiators are no different with all of our makes and models coming with long warranty periods some of which extend all the way to 30 years!

    Long-term warranty

    People are often sceptical about manufacturers warranties waiting to have the blame of faulty products shifted onto them for how the used the product. With our products the warranty period covers you for any faults or performance issues throughout your warranty period and although generally speaking there are no issues with our electric heating products, anytime there has been genuine faults our customers can contact us at any time to diagnose what the issue is. If after some technical advice is given on methods to fix the faults there are still issues then in these cases we have contacted the manufacturers and arrange a complete replacement free of charge. 

    Quick installation

    Most of our electric heating packages can be supplied and fitted the very same day your equipment arrives on site. Our aim is always to complete installation in one day even if you have several radiators and an electric boiler or hot water cylinder installed. This means from the moment you agree to have your old storage heaters replaced the wheels are in motion to have new electric heating installed in your home within a short period of time offering you a hassle-free installation which can hardly be said about many other gas, oil or other heating alternatives.

    Cost of replacing storage heaters

    Almost every single person who contacts us wants to know the cost for replacing their old storage heaters over the phone or by email, as much as we would love to be able to answer this question accurately this way it’s just not possible. There are simply far too many different things to consider such as the dimensions for your new electric heaters, the make and model that you are either looking for or the ones that you prefer from our product range. Any price that we eventually arrive has to also factor in our company overheads, supplying and fitting the parts and of course, us trying to make some profit as a business! What we are happy to disclose is the ‘FROM’ prices for our electric heaters and radiators so that you have an idea of what the cost is before a survey is arranged with one of our electric heating surveyors.


    *Pure Eco Line electric heaters supplied & fitted – simply put electric heaters and radiators that look and perform like gas central heating radiators. 

    *Pure Eco Guard electric heaters supplied & fitted – modern German electric heaters and radiators that are constructed in highly durable aluminium providing rapid heat transfers for optimum performance.

    *Pure Eco Flow electric heaters supplied & fitted premium electric heaters and radiators which are constructed in solid steel with all of the elements inside encased within fire clay heat plates. Once again these are manufactured in Germany and come with a warranty period of up to 30 years!

    Turned up exactly when asked and completed the job exactly as described with excellent customer care and service. The electricians and plumber were professional and left the property in a clean state. Very happy with the company and the work done. Thank you!

    Mr Carson, 10/10 Checkatrade Review

    Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, "New radiators and boiler repair."

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      Replacing Storage heaters across Central Scotland

      Pure Eco Solutions Scotland Limited are Scottish based electric heating specialists, our company was founded in the Southside of Glasgow in 2013 where we began to establish ourselves. Now in 2019, over 6 years later, we have another office in Edinburgh as well as electric heating surveyors and installers located in several different regions across Scotland. This allows us to comfortably replace your old storage heaters with modern electric heating which we can supply and fit regardless of where you are based in Central Scotland.

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