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Pure Eco Solutions Scotland Limited has a dedicated kitchen fitting team made from experienced tradesmen including skilled joiners, electricians and plasterers. Please see the dozens of positive verified customer reviews on trusted review platforms such as Checkatrade.

There is no denying that the kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home. A well-planned kitchen doesn’t just serve as a place to make delicious food, but also a place where you would have to be in!

Kitchen fitters have more than the task of just installing the new kitchen parts. A great deal of planning goes into the whole process to ensure that each appliance or panel is fitted with the utmost care and precision. We provide the best kitchen fitting service in Glasgow and Wishaw and our expert workers enable us to meet the expectations of our clients without fail.

When we undertake a project, we aim for a smooth installation process because it not only helps us but also creates less inconvenience for the homeowner, a win-win situation for everyone!

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Affordable fitted kitchens Wishaw

Fitted kitchens are a great way to save time on the installation of a new kitchen while also ensuring that your own choice is reflected in that space. However, one of the most common misconceptions with fitted kitchen is that they would cost an arm and a leg.

This is not the case at all! There are plenty of affordable kitchen options out there and finding them is easy if you have a trustworthy kitchen fitter.

With modern materials and tools, the process involved in kitchen remodelling or kitchen installation has greatly improved. This is always good news for the homeowner because they can cut down the cost without having to compromise on the final build.

There are kitchen designs that fit all types of budgets, however, we advise that you don’t go too low. Using subpar materials in your kitchen build can have very costly aftermath as low-quality materials can be affected by water damage and water is not that hard to find in a kitchen.

Things to consider when getting a new kitchen in Wishaw

New kitchen installation requires a lot of thought. Yes, many of these factors are selected based on the room and it’s specifications. However, a major part of planning for the new kitchen is undertaken by the homeowners. When you hire us, you are entitled to all the professional advice from our part. We will discuss some facets of a new kitchen installation where your inputs are of prime importance.

Budget for a new kitchen

The budget for the new kitchen should be the first decision that you should make. When you look at new kitchen designs without having a price range in mind, you might end up choosing an option that is way beyond what you can afford.

The best way to approach kitchen designs is to have a clear price in mind. That way, you can disregard costly options while utilising your time on options that you can afford.

Understand your requirements

A kitchen is a very personal space. Organising and deciding what to install and what not to install are very personal preferences. So before you head out to see the options, make sure that you have all your requirements in mind.

Once you know what all you need in the new kitchen, you can covey your vision better. The result will be a kitchen that is tailored to your liking and preferences.

Out with the old

This is where we officially start the kitchen installation process. It might be tempting to keep some of the elements of the old kitchen, however, parts like cupboards and shelves should not be salvaged. When you are installing a new kitchen, the old parts may not blend in the new style.

Since the process involves safely removing parts of the kitchen from critical components like gas lines, having professional support is always recommended.

We use power tools and modern equipment for a speedy removal process. As we are trained professionals, we do not safety is of prime importance, and high standards are maintained throughout the process.

Prepping your home for the new kitchen

Once the old kitchen is removed, the whole space becomes a barebones structure for the new kitchen. Now the foundation for the new kitchen should be built. And this starts with organising the critical components first, like the wiring and gas lines.

We will scout the space for any damages or weak points as they can be quite an expensive repair job later on the line. Such anomalies are fixed before we install the new kitchen.

When you hire our service, you can be sure that any weak points or hazards are fixed.

New Kitchen Installation

All the choices that you in terms of fitment will now be installed to bring your vision to fruition. We understand that each component has its place and the job is only done when all the parts meld together, painting the final picture.

Homeowners now enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom with choices. Each and every part of the kitchen can now be customized in a variety of ways. And as kitchen fitters, it is our job to build that perfect kitchen you are after.

Before we commence the installation process, a technical survey is carried out. This is the part where we ensure that everything in that space is in the right order. As we discussed before, such safety and checks are an integral part of building a future proof kitchen.

We will hand everything from the flooring to the lighting and ceiling. You don’t have to worry about any mismatches or the botched edges as we measure out every installation for a perfect fit. The electric and gas lines will be routed per the new kitchen design.

Wishaw Kitchen Companies

Our team consisting of professionals from all industries so that your kitchen is fitted to the best standards.

When you hire us, you are basically buying a complete service package. Our team consists of kitchen fitters, joiners, electricians, etc. the reason why we have a varied service team is because of the fact there we understand that a kitchen requires talents of varying facets. A kitchen fitter may not be the best person for routing the electrics similarly, an electrician may not be proficient in the job of a joiner. Having the right person for the right job doesn’t just quicken the whole process, but also gives top-notch finishing to the completed works.

The best thing about our service is that you don’t have to worry about sourcing the manpower or finding the right talent for the job. We will handle all the complexities for you. This means that the customer has a greater level of convenience and doesn’t have to bog themselves in all those intricacies. We have a great team of local kitchen fitters who are ready to make your kitchen look it’s best! 

Hiring an approved kitchen fitter in Wishaw

As we have discussed, to gain the best experience with your kitchen fitting, the service of a professional is a must. This is because they will a lot more than the technical know-how, but also years of experience.

There are many things that can go wrong in a fitting a kitchen, hiring approved kitchen fitters will ensure you home is better protected against damages and there will be no issues or delays with installation.

If any of the parts of the new kitchen is damaged before or during installation, our kitchen fitters will oversee the processes involved in replacing or claiming warranty. Again, this means more convenience for the homeowner.

Having approved workers for the kitchen refitting work means less hassle overall. And when you are having your kitchen fitted, the last thing that you need is more things to run on your head. Choose approved kitchen fitters to make your kitchen project go ahead without any issues!

Cost of a new kitchen in Wishaw

The cost of a new kitchen depends on many factors. Of course, the price is dependent on the make of the kitchen that you choose for yourself, however, it is also not so hard to find a cozy middle ground.

There are several rates that you can go by when installing a new kitchen and as a rule of thumb, you should not go below £10,000. And a modern kitchen with most of the necessities built-in will cost you around £20,000. Many consider £35,000 to be the point where you can have a specked-out kitchen with all modern amenities.

You will also notice that almost every part of the kitchen will see a change proportional to the price. With a solid budget, you can have the kitchen of your dreams and will never have to compromise on anything.

Arrange a free quote for your new kitchen idea

Are you confused with all the options? Do you need professional advice on the processes involved in fitting a new kitchen? Then we will help you out! You can arrange a free quote from us and we will get back to you promptly.

With us, you have a panel of experienced kitchen refitters ready to help you out at any part of the process. Call us or book a free quote today

Other Areas Near Clydebank We Serve

We have kitchen fitters located all over Central Scotland meaning that we can accommodate new kitchen installation contracts in Airdrie, Ayrshire, Bearsden, Bishopbriggs, Coatbridge, Clydebank, Cumbernauld, Dumbarton, East Kilbride, East Renfrewshire, Edinburgh, FifeGlasgow, Grangemouth, Greenock, Falkirk, Hamilton, Kilmarnock, Lanarkshire, Milngavie, Motherwell, Newton Mearns, Paisley, Renfrew, Rutherglen, Stirling, West Lothian, Wishaw and many more. 

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