Home insulation grants

Insulation grants to make homes warmer and more comfortable

Home insulation grants

The Eco3 scheme was launched in October 2018, and it was designed to make houses warmer and more comfortable to live in. Currently, the Government has a ranch of grants to improve the energy performance of the homes of many lower-income or vulnerable people. The grants are split into 3 main categories, insulation grants, funding for gas boilers for people who have never had it before and grants for high retention storage heaters to replace old inefficient storage heaters. There is specific qualifying criteria click here to see the full list and check your eligibility.

Loft Insulation

There are many different types of insulation available which all serve different purposes, one of the most common is loft insulation where rock wool is placed across the floor in the loft. There is currently availability to have this installed in your home for free under the government Eco3 scheme. This can be installed fast and the average house will save in the region of £250 per year on their fuel bills.

Room in roof insulation

Research has been carried out that shows around 25% of heat loss in homes originates from poorly insulated roof spaces. Many traditional homes were built with attic spaces the term room in roof refers to there being a fixed staircase to the attic. At the time of construction, these spaces weren’t insulated properly or the materials used weren’t fit for purpose. If you have a house with attic space and would like to talk about the potential of free insulation to save you money then we would love to hear from you.

Internal wall insulation

Internal wall insulation is the process of insulating the internal side of external walls. In solid-walled properties around 50% of heat loss can be attributed to the walls in the home. This form of insulation is especially popular with more traditional character-filled homes where you might not want to be drilling holes in the exterior. Internal wall insulation involves placing insulated boards with plastered outside across the walls of your home. This not only provides excellent insulation benefits but many people like it because of the aesthetic because they get fresh smooth walls.

Under Floor Insulation

If you have inadequate or worse, no underfloor insulation your home will experience around 15% heat loss from the floor alone. This is particularly a problem in older houses that were built using raised timber floorboards. Gaps like this can cause annoying chilly drafts in the colder months. Under the current Eco3 scheme we can install underfloor insulation to your home which will tackle the draughts but more importantly will save you money on your fuel bills. 

Get A Fully Funded Eco Home Improvement

If you would like to have your home upgraded with an energy efficient home improvement under the government backed Eco3 scheme, or would like to discuss what else we could do for you fill out the short form and let us know what you would like done and we will call you back to make sure you qualify.

The Process


Application: first submit an application, one of our helpful staff will arrange a time to give you a call and make sure you qualify for funding under the scheme before progressing with your application


Once we are sure we can help you, we will send a surveyor out to assess your property, we will check the energy efficiency and do all relevant paper work


Installation: once we have done your survey our installations manager will give you a phone and book a date that suits both parties for installation. Most of the improvements can be fully completed in just one day

Available Eco Funding

Insulation Grants

Under the current Eco3 scheme ran by the government there is various insulation grants ranging from EWI (external wall insulation) IWI (internal wall insulation) loft insulation and insulation for room in loft spaces. These are all designed to improve the energy performance in your home, if you are interested or would like more information, get in touch and we can help.

Gas Boiler Grants

There is currently funding for first time gas users to have gas boilers installed in their homes. If you live in an area that has gas supply and fit the qualifying criteria to receive a new boiler you could get a new energy efficient boiler installed in your home free of charge. For more information about who can qualify get in touch.

High Retention Storage Heaters

These are the modern day equivalent of old storage heaters used in home in the 1950’s they have been redesigned to fix the faults caused in the original models. There is funding in place to remove old storage heaters and replace them with modern high retention storage heaters. Get in touch to register your interest.

Want to improve the energy efficiency of your home?


Is this legit or a sales scheme?

In this day in age, you need to be careful are read properly when you see things about grants and funding, as a lot of businesses make their own schemes up and use them as a sales tool. Eco3 is government-backed and completed funded for anyone who qualifies.

What is the point in it?
The government is doing this for a number of reasons, it protects vulnerable people and improves their quality of life, it reduces carbon emissions by updating old heating systems and insulating homes to make them more efficient and lastly it creates jobs that helps support the economy.
Can I get more than one improvement?
Yes in some cases that is possible, it is called a dual measure grant which basically replaces broken heating systems and adds insulation to homes. If you would like to discuss if you qualify give us a phone or submit an enquiry form.
It sounds complicated will you handle my application
Yes, once we are confident you fit the criteria, we will handle all the paperwork, and you will then hear from us when we are ready to install.

Energy Efficient Home Improvements

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