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Are you looking for the best electric rewire contractor in Glasgow? Your search ends with us! We provide quality and professional house rewiring services all across Glasgow. What makes us different is our amazing team of professional and approved electricians and electrical contractors.

Rewiring your homes electrics is very important because after a certain point, degrading electric wires can become safety hazards instead of hardware. You home will also be wasting energy, especially from any machinery or devices in your house that are powered by electricity. You need to hire a professional electrical rewiring team like ourselves, we can revamp your homes electrics will very little downtime.

Pure Eco Solutions Scotland Limited are accredited electricians who are fully approved to carry out home rewire contracts locally in Glasgow and across all of Central Scotland. Please see the dozens of positive verified customer reviews on trusted review platforms such as Checkatrade

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    This old electric fusebox in this Glasgow home was really outdated and inefficient and needed replaced with a modern fusebox. We also rewired the old wiring in the house making a far better and more efficient electrical wiring circuit.


    What is an electrical rewire?

    Electrical rewiring is the process of swapping out existing electrical wires in your home for new ones. The need for such a process is necessary after a certain amount of time because electrical wires degrade with time. Properties with are more than 25 years old must be rewired soon because damaged wires can cause safety hazards, in worst-case scenarios, house fires.

    Different types of electric rewire

    Rewiring is not just connecting appliances to the main in just any orders. There is a method to it and following a standard structure is important to ensure proper wiring. House rewiring is commonly carried out in two ways.

    · Joint Box systems

    · Loop or Loop-in Style

    Joint Box systems: The joint box system uses junctions at all the main intersections. These junctions are setup using junction boxes. The advantage of this system is that it uses very little cable length when compared with loop-in styles.

    However, additional costs will come in the form of junction boxes. The downside of the joint box system is these joint themselves as they are potential failure points. For the complexity of the whole setup, the Junction box system is not common in the home wiring systems. They are mostly reserved for temporary setups.

    Loop-in systems: Loop-in systems does away with junction boxes as the main feed wires itself is looped over to all terminals. This type of connection is also called parallel wiring. The advantage of having all- your appliances in parallel connection is that they can be controlled individually.

    The loops are made until the last socket or appliances are connected to the system. The obvious downside to loop-in systems is that it requires more cable length. However, for homes, this is the best option for wiring because there will no joints in between connections. Hence, the chances of failure will be very less and help in easy fault location.

    Signs your homes electric needs rewired

    There is a difference of opinion in the industry on the precise reason that you should rewire your home. However, there are some red flags that give you an instant indication that your house needs a rewiring job, we have listed some of them below:

    1) Dimming lights and failing appliances

    Do you often notice dimming or flickering lights at your home? Then it probably points to a wiring system that is being pushed to its limits when it comes to power delivery. The ability of a wire to

    transmit power degrades over time. So when you try to switch on a device, the wire will have a hard time transferring electricity, causing it to heat up in the process.

    2) Circuit breaker trips

    Circuit breakers are put in place to shut down the whole system when it is overloaded. It is a great safety mechanism that every home needs. Homeowners having a faulty wiring system may notice that their circuit breaker trips too often in the span of a month or week. This shows that your circuits are not being able to bear the electrical load.

    3) Toasty sockets or discoloration

    When wires are at their limits, the flow of electricity causes them to heat up. Overheating can happen even for they hit maximum load in aging wires that have served years in your home. And one of the ways you can spot such instances is through sockets that heat up or may have burn marks. A burning smell or smoke is also an indicator of wires being heating to very high temperatures.

    4) Frayed connections

    If you manage to remove an outlet and see that the wires are frayed or have visible signs of degradation, then it’s time for a rewiring job. The housing of wires degrade with time, and factors like heat or humidity can accelerate this degradation process. Once you can clearly see that the wires are not holding up, then having it rewired is of critical importance.

    5) Buzzing or vibrating sounds

    A perfectly wired system stays quiet without making any sort of sound. However, the same cannot be said for a wiring system that has aged quite significantly. You will begin to hear a buzzing sounds and vibrations that may be micro short circuits happening within the wires. Of course, this is not a good sign as it can lead to major problems with the circuit.

    These are some of the tell-tale signs that show your homes wiring system is about or has already given up on you. At the same time, do not wait for such indicators to plan for a rewiring job. If you are ever in doubt that your home wiring system is starting to fails, it is always a good practice to have it checked by professionals.

    Great service, was searching online for quite sometime and got a few quotes elsewhere along with some really pushy aggressive salespeople then I came across this local company who kept it simple and delivered on their promises, good job!”

    5* Google Review from a Glasgow homeowner

    Complete home rewire

    Benefits of rewiring your homes electrics


    The first and foremost benefit of rewiring your home electrics is safety. You will no longer have to worry about short circuits or wire overheating for many years to come. Rewiring isn’t just putting new sets of wires, it is about eliminating safety hazards in your electrical system. When you rewire your home, you are essentially taking out all the damaged wires that could have caused irreparable damages to your home.


    The second benefit to have your home rewired is that you will be enjoying increased efficiency. As we discussed, electrical wires degrade over time. This means that the efficiency at which a wire transports current will begin to depreciate over time. Also, as the resistance of the wire increases, the heat generated within the copper wires will also increase. Rewiring puts new wires to replace the old ones, and you will be able to see the difference right away in the form of better voltage and lower spikes, fuse trips.

    Risk elimination

    Aging wires hold many potential dangers that could break out at any moment. A spark or short circuit can cause thousands of pounds of damage to your home. When you compare that cost to a rewiring process, it becomes clear that electric rewiring is no just the economical choice, but also the wise one.

    Area’s of Glasgow We Have Rewired Houses

    We have rewired and continue to rewire houses and homes in Abbotsinch, Anderston, Anniesland, Ballieston, Balornock, Barlanark, Bridgeton,  Calton, Cambuslang, Carmyle, Castlehead, Castlemilk, Charleston, Clarkston, Cowcaddens, Dennistoun, Drumchapel, Dykebar, Easterhouse, East Renfrewshire, Eastwood, Ferguslie Park, Finnieston, Foxbar, Gallowhill, Glasgow City Centre, Glasgow’s East End, Firhill, Glasgow North, Glasgow Southside, Glasgow’s West End , Glenburn, Govan, Hillhead, Hyndland, Ibrox, Inkerman, Jordanhill, Kelvin, Kelvinbridge, Kelvinside, Knighstwood, Langside, Laurieston, Maryhill, Milton, Mosspark, Mount Vernon, Newton Mearns, Nitshill, Parkhead, Partick, Pollok, Pollokshaws, Pollockshields, Possil, Possilpark, Queenslie, Ralston, Robroyston, Royston, Scotstoun, Shawlands, Springburn, The Gorbals Tollcross, Toryglen, Victoria Park, Whiteinch, Woodlands, Yoker, Yorkhill and all other areas of Glasgow and Greater Glasgow.

    Areas Outside Of Glasgow We Rewire Houses

    Pure Eco Solutions Scotland Limited has a large team of skilled tradesmen, including several qualified electricians who are located elsewhere in Central Scotland, not just Edinburgh. We have electricians ready to rewire your house in Ayrshire, Argyll, Clackmannanshire, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, East Renfrewshire, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Greenock & Inverclyde, Lanarkshire, Perth & Kinross, Renfrewshire, Stirling, West Lothian and all other areas of Central Scotland.

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