German Electric Heating

Expertly crafted premium German radiators backed by a 30 year manufacturer guarantee
German Electric Radiators

Our Ecoflow German electric heating systems are made to the highest possible quality and come with a 30-year manufacturer warranty which is one of the longest available on the market. Inside the sleek looking German radiators there are non-porous fireclay plates that are heated up by an element when switched on which then radiates heat into the room the radiator is situated in. Once our heaters reach full heat, cold air is also drawn from the floor and pushed up through the flutes to create convection heat.

Making the right choice
Having been in the industry a long time, we know from experience you probably haven’t ever thought too much about what would be the best choice to replace your heating with until it has finally broken or you have had enough of your storage heaters, there is so much information that it can be overwhelming when trying to decide what to do. For us, electric german heaters are the perfect choice for anyone that plans to stay in their home for 5 years or more, as they come with a 30-year manufacturer warranty they suit the needs of people who are settled in a family home. There is, of course, cheaper options on the market, we often recommend our British manufactured heaters to younger families we speak to that plan on moving at some point as they wouldn’t get the benefit of the guarantee. The price difference isn’t too significant and for the majority of our customers, we have worked with over the years getting the peace of mind that you are covered is worth a slightly larger investment.
Barry came out to see me on the Friday and install took place the following Wednesday excellent service. Barry the electrician did a great job of the install really great workmanship. Removed all old storage heaters and left the place spotless. Really happy with the new heaters. A big thank you to all the team!!! Hassle free 10/10 Verified Checkatrade Review

10 Reasons To Choose German Electric Heating

  • They don’t require maintenance
  • Highly controllable digital thermostats
  • Only pay for what you use
  • 30-year manufacturer guarantee
  • Available free standing or wall mounted
  • Wi-fi & Alexa compatible
  • No bad smells or exhaust fumes
  • No liquid inside so no risk of leaks
  • Powder Coated, say goodbye to annual glossing of radiators
  • Open window sensors (cut off when open window detected)
They Sound Great, Are They Really Expensive?
Our German Electric Radiators are slightly more expensive than our British models but they carry a much higher spec, and are guaranteed for 30 years.
Will I Save Money If I Switch From Storage Heaters
It all depends on your own unique consumption but we have had customers save between 30-50% off their bill vs old storage heaters.
Are These Modern Electric Heaters Easy To Control?
Yes once switched on the core heats up in a matter of minutes, and will retain heat once switched off. Our german models have wifi and alexa functionality meaning you can control with your voice.
How Long Will You Take To Install My New Heating?
This will vary depending on the time of year, across most of the year we can have your new heating system installed within 7-10 days, however during the colder months we get exceptionally busy and you may need to wait longer than this. If you are thinking of replacing your heating it is better to do it during a quieter time so you aren’t waiting until you are reliant on needing to use your heating. Once we start, we are usually finished in one day of installation.
What does my guarantee cover?
With your 30 year guarantee, it comes with 2 years of cover for the digital display and 30 years for the radiators themselves.
How Controllable Are These Heaters?
All of the components used within our Ecoflow German Radiators are of the highest possible quality and as such, they can achieve great results when it comes to controlling the temperature. Each radiator has a digital control panel mounted on the side panel, and a temperature sensor at the bottom of each radiator, this is because heat rises and if the temperature is measured from the bottom it should check the coldest part of the room. The technology within the thermostat is capable of managing and maintaining the desired temperature within 0.1ᵒc. Each control panel comes with a 24/7 programming system so you can heat specific rooms to your own taste as and when you want them. The last point to mention about how great an option these radiators are is that unlike some of our competitors whose system operates on a 2 zone system, all of our radiators work independently of each other meaning you truly have control of your home’s heat and ultimately your electricity bills.


If you have any further questions or need some advice our experienced staff have knowledge built up over years of specialising in off-gas heating systems and can steer you in the right direction.

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