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How Electric Heating Works

The electric heating system mainly operates on a refractory block which combines with a storage material of latest mechanism and technology, which together create this efficient heating unit.

There is a low wattage heating element inside each refractory place, which heats the block from inside, generating the required heat by the system. This mechanism is quick and simple and does not consume a lot of electricity in its operation.

Electric heating simply turns electricity and electric current into heat. When we think about installing electric heating systems instead of heaters running on other fuels like gas or oil, we often calculate the costs associated with it and assume it will be more expensive. Well, if you have the correct type of electric heaters installed it’s definitely cheaper over the long term.

Aeroflow Electric Radiators & Electric Wall Heaters in Perth & Perthshire

The majority of electric wall heaters and electric radiators we supply and install are supplied by Aeroflow with the highest quality German engineering you are provided with up to 30 years guarantee. They heat from the centre which is made of fireclay which then heats up and quickly heats the radiators and begins the process of convection heating through the flutes. The Aeroflow electric radiators heat quickly they also store and retain heat for longer periods of time so you can get the most out of any time the heating has been left on for a reasonable period of time.

If used correctly with up to date equipment electric central heating can save you a large amount of money on your energy bills compared to other fuels.


Electric Central Heating Installation in Perth & Perthshire

Pure Eco Solutions Ltd are approved members of many different trade associations. If you are having electric heating, electric storage heaters or full electric heating systems installed in your home it’s best to ensure the heating engineers are qualified. You are most likely familiar with Gas Safe for gas central heating, however electric heating is a completely separate concept and it’s best the engineers are NAPIT qualified. Pure Eco Solutions Ltd are full approved NAPIT installers, so know if you chose us for your electric heating your dealing with professionals.

We can install electric convection heaters & storage heaters, The most popular type of electric heating is electric storage heaters as they are far cheaper to run, heating the firebricks inside during the night to produce the stored heat when you are awake and in your home. This is by no means a new sensation, in fact, many of you will remember the introduction of night time storage heaters back in the 1950’s. At the time these heaters were very basic and it was later discovered many of them had the risk of asbestos and we all know how that turned out. However nearly 70 years later we live in a very different world, and with the advanced technology, we have available to us today these heaters are more efficient than ever.

Pure Eco Solutions Ltd offer new and replacement electric storage heaters and heating systems which we install in the following areas and surrounding catchment areas:




Argyll & Bute




Dumfries & Galloway







The Highlands & Islands

The Scottish Borders

Electric heating is one of the most important steps to be taken towards implementing a sustainable lifestyle and making your home’s energy efficient. The fact that it is the need of the current times cannot be ignored, and it is the responsibility of each and every person to switch to renewable alternatives. There are many additional benefits of this alternative like low costs and efficiency, which will convince you why you should replace your traditional heating systems with an electric one.

1. Energy efficient

Electric heating devices are one of the most energy-efficient options, which do not require any kind of non-renewable fuels like gas or oil to function on. So, the costs, as well as energy, can be saved while using these heaters, which come with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee. So, you can use them without worrying about costs as well as frequent defects.

2. Low costs

Made in order to run on the standard electric tariffs, these devices will surely reduce your long-term expenses on heating systems. Though electric heaters are expensive while purchasing if you calculate the long-term fuel costs, gas bills and maintenance expenses, electric heaters are always an affordable choice.

3. German technology and mechanism

Electric heaters work on a German technology with continual dynamic re-heat process, which works at maintaining a constant room temperature, without leaving any cold spot in the corners. With the slightest temperature change, the sensors react immediately and change the temperature accordingly, keeping it equalized indoors. These heaters can be used comfortably during the day as well as night. With an electric digital thermostat, these heaters come with a 24 X 7 programming option.

4. Free from maintenance

With no pipework, minimum installation costs and simple procedure of operation, these devices rank really low when it comes to daily maintenance. All you need to do is keep it connected to the electric circuit, and it works as long as electric supply is received.

5. Radio Frequency Receiver

These electric heaters can be controlled with the help of a radio frequency controller and thermostat, which are used to adjust all the heating requirements. You can adjust the temperature according to the room size and other requirements. There can be a different temperature adjusted in every room using this controller.

So, you are at a complete benefit and privilege as a user when you decide to replace your traditional fuel-based heater with an electric device.

Electric Storage Heaters & Electric Radiators

in Perth & Perthshire

We have a huge range of storage heaters and radiators from all types of manufacturers. The most popular brand in Scotland is Fischer who are specialists in electric heating. We can supply and fit a range of their products including wall mounted or free standing heaters. We have modern looking vertical heaters which provide a perfect slimline design creating more space in your home or business.

Electric Heating benefits

There is a lot of confusion with respect to operating costs of electric heating devices compared to the ones operating on other fuels. The actual cost which should be considered when comparisons are made is the lifelong costs.

Many buyers who try to opt for electric heating systems back out because their purchasing price is more than other types of systems. But here, the lifetime ownership cost should be considered, including the fuel costs, maintenance and other bills. When all this is considered, electric heaters are 100% cost and energy efficient at the point of use, as all the electricity is directly transformed into heat, without any wastage done like the boiler-based systems.

In the recent years, there has been a lot of change in the price of gas and electricity. Electric heaters are fitted at one place and can be a long-lasting solution. Most of the manufacturers expect electric heating systems to last for 15 years and gas boilers for 10 years.

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Wireless Electric Heating Control

Electric Heating controls

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Electric Storage Heater

The electric heating systems can be controlled through an inbuilt radio frequency remote and receiver. The remote acts as a radio frequency thermostat and timer which gives operational signals to the radiators fitted to the system. Each remote can control various radiators. All controls are operated from a central point and within a domestic house situation; a two or three zone heating system can be set up with one controller to operate all radiators. This can be done with a 6 Zone controller and radio room thermostats.

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