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Air Source Heat Pumps Supplied & Fitted In Glasgow, Scotland

Air Source heat pumps are one of the best alternatives for electric pumps. They are energy efficient and work on renewable energy so that you can control your gas and electricity bill costs and save on energy sources as well. It is a sustainable heating option which is a desperate need of the current time.

Know more about the mechanism of how these pumps work and are ready to begin converting your residence into an eco-friendly home.

How They Work

The refrigerant meets the outdoor air inside the outdoor unit evaporator. The air is sucked through the evaporator by a fan fitted on the side of the pump. The refrigerator liquid absorbs the energy from the air and evaporates in the process. A sensor in the expansion valve causes the liquid to collect the correct quantity of free energy and convert it into gas form. The pressor of the refrigerant is increased by the compressor and vapor temperature reaches about 100 degree Celsius, after which the warm gas passes through the condenser, and heat is emitted outside.

Energy is emitted in this process to heat the room or water. The refrigerator liquid continues passing through a drying filter, which is used to collect moisture from the system. After the filter, it goes through an expansion valve, which leads to a temperature drop.  The refrigerant leaves the valve and passes through the evaporator and changes to vapor again, completing the circuit.

Saves costs

No groundwork costs are incurred in order to install the pumps and lay the pipe. It costs a lot to install ground source heat pumps, but not when it comes to Air Source Heat pumps. Hence, it is a low cost solution for heating and getting hot water. You can completely acquire the return on investments in as little as five years, as you will save a lot on fuel and electricity costs which you otherwise spend on regular heat pumps.

Long lasting

Air Source heat pumps have no parts exposed directly to the air. Hence, there are minimum chances of any part getting damaged due to the atmosphere or anything else. With very low maintenance, a normal air source heating pump should ideally last for over 25 years without any defects.

If you want to install this super beneficial air source heat pumps and save money, contact us and speak to our friendly staff about it. You can also find more information on our website.

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