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Electric Heating

In Scotland there are hundreds of thousands of houses that don’t have access to gas and have old inefficient storage heaters or other heating systems that are literally costing them money, our goal is to provide people with the very best electric heating systems to take back control of their homes and their energy bills. Click here to read more about our British and German Electric heating systems.

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers have seen a dramatic rise in popularity since the government announced gas boilers will be phased out as early as 2025, We install the latest and most efficient electric boilers on the market. Depending on what type of heating you have in your home you may not need a boiler, in some cases a hot water cylinder is what you will need. for a quote or to get advice give us a call.

Water Cylinders

If you have an electric heating system installed in your home, in many cases what you will need is a hot water cylinder instead of a new boiler. We offer a range of hot water cylinders ranging from small inline cylinders to give enough hot water for your sink, or full sized hot water cylinders powerful enough to supply hot water for full families that need water for bathing, using sinks etc.

Replace Old Storage Heaters

If you are sick of old inefficient storage heaters draining your bank account, and giving you a poor solution to heating your home we would love to talk to you about modern electric smart heaters

German Electric Heating

Luxury built german electric radiators guaranteed for 30 years

British Electric Heaters

Our British electric smart heaters offer a fantastic option to consider when thinking about updating your homes heating system. Find out why they are so popular

Sick Of Huge Electricity Bills With Storage Heaters?


Why Are Storage Heaters Bad
Storage heaters offer no flexibility, as they need to be on during the night to heat up the clay brick centre to distribute the heat the following day. They only offer an on or off function. For most people who are out during the day, this isn’t a good option as you won’t get the benefit of the heat. Many of our customers we have served over the years complain of massive bills.
Will I Save Money If I Switch From Storage Heaters
Our British & Electric Radiators are 100% energy efficient. The majority of people will notice a big decrease in their energy bills after switching. This, of course, depends on consumption and there is no way of forecasting how much you will save as everyone consumes electricity differently.
Are These Modern Electric Heaters Easy To Control?
Yes once switched on the core heats up in a matter of minutes, and will retain heat once switched off. Some of Our models have app control functionality. Both models have digital thermostats that are easy to use and allow you to pick a specific temperature.
How Long Will You Take To Install My New Heating?
This will vary depending on the time of year, across most of the year we can have your new heating system installed within 7-10 days, however during the colder months we get exceptionally busy and you may need to wait longer than this. If you are thinking of replacing your heating it is better to do it during a quieter time so you aren’t waiting until you are reliant on needing to use your heating.
Do Your Radiators Come With A Guarantee?
Yes, our British electric radiators come with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee and our German manufactured radiators come with a massive 30-year guarantee. If you have any further questions or would like a quote please feel free to get in touch.


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